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Hordes: (Minions) Agata, Queen of Carnage – Minion Farrow Solo (resin)

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The barbarous farrow Agata calls herself a queen, and her kingdom realm is one of slaughter and blood. Waging a never-ending campaign of vicious savage raids and seemingly random attacks across the Iron Kingdoms, Agata is a ferocious and unpredictable opponent. Her qualities as a leader are similar, and they have earned her esteem among the most vicious sorts of farrow in western Immoren.

Originally released in the Company of Iron starter box, this model is now available separately! Agata specializes in close quarters combat, capable of dashing through enemy soldiers and taking them down. With such a strong melee focus, she pairs well with warlocks that increase her damage output, such as Lord Carver (PIP 75027).

This model works for Circle, Skorne, Legion, and Trollbloods.

Miniatures are supplied unpainted and assembly may be required.
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