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CounterFact Magazine: #7 The Syrian Civil War, Arab Spring?

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Issue Contents:
The Battle of Tunis, 255 BC: Rome's North African Disaster By Arnold Blumberg
India's Naxalite Insurgency By Jon Cecil
Orwell in the Army: The Military Career of Eric Blair by Brian Train
Marching on Mecca: Analysis of a Near-Future Iranian-Saudi War Maciej Jonasz
The Syrian Civil War By Javier Romero

Issue Game:
Islamic State: War in Syria (ISWS) is a two-player wargame simulating the post-Russian intervention phase of the Syrian Civil War.

In this game, there are two coalitions fighting parallel wars against a common foe: DAESH and Al Qaeda in Syria, with one player (the US player) commanding US/NATO Forces, Kurdish/SDF and non-Islamic Syrian Rebels, and a second player (the Russian player) controlling the Syrian Arab Army (SAA, Assad’s forces) and their allies (Iran/Hezbollah, Russia).

...and much, much more!
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